Stephanie Zielinski is the creator, author and photographer of The Cookie A Day Challenge. She is a *thirty something* married mother of three boys. Once baby number three was about to arrive Stephanie and her husband, Adam, made the decision that she should leave her job in the medical field to become a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM). That was over 7 years ago. Stephanie and Adam live in a popular Detroit Suburb and are active in their boy's schools and in the community. Their three boys, Noah (12), Dane (8) and Ian (7), are pretty neat kids.
Motivated by her husband, she completed her first marathon in 2010 and is training to run the 2012 Chicago Marathon. She loves to dance, and if you peeked into her kitchen window while she was baking you might see some of her cool moves. You might also see some of her chorography on the stage at her local youth theater or with her local youth cheerleading and dance teams.
Stephanie started this blog after she made a promise to her youngest son, Ian. During their kitchen remodel, Ian was upset that they would not be able to make cookies for Santa. In an attempt to cheer her son up, Stephanie told him she would make a new cookie everyday for a year once the kitchen was complete. Ian, Dane and Noah were delighted with this idea! Once the kitchen was finished, Stephanie kept her word and has been "baking cookies one day at a time" since.

Adam Zielinski jokes that the reason he has to run so much is to burn off all the delicious cookies his wife makes.A fantastic father and loving husband, he is a natural runner and motivator.  Adam has completed 6 marathons and will be running 2 more this year in addition to an Ultra Marathon (50 miles) in September. Being healthy and active is important to both Adam and Stephanie. They believe in leading by example and want their boys to learn to push themselves, set goals and complete them. Adam is a Senior Sales Representative for DePuy Spine. He has found success through his hard work and dedication to his career. Stephanie credits his hard work outside the home for allowing her the luxury of becoming a SAHM.  Adam is also a whiz in the kitchen. He is a local hero with his  neighborhood butcher. One day he walked up to the counter and asked him for 3 pounds of ground beef and 3 pounds of ground bacon. The butcher asked what he was making. Adam went on to explain his plan. He was making 50/50 (50% beef 50% bacon) burgers stuffed with cheese. The next week, The butcher saw Adam, pulled him aside and told him the he and his whole staff went home and  made 50/50 burgers that night and they were fantastic!  Look for Adam's Sunday Dinner Blog posts to start soon!

Noah Zielinski is an honor roll student and all around good kid. Last year, He was nominated by his teachers to attend the Jr National Young Leaders Conference in Washington DC. Through that experience last June he was invited to attend the JrNYLC Alumni Conference this July in Boston. He plays soccer for his city's premier soccer team and ran cross country for his middle school. He is a lover of all things Lego and his favorite possession is his I-pod touch. He loves music and will humor his mom by dancing with her in the kitchen. Noah is always willing to land a hand in the kitchen and is become a great baker himself!

Dane Zielinski is as sweet as sweet can be. He always looks out for the little guy and those who can't speak up for themselves, including animals! Dane is bright, funny and creative. He comes up with some great cookie ideas like the Root Beer Float Cookie Ice Cream Sandwitch!  Dane is a natural athlete. He can though a baseball so fast that it will sting your hand when caught. Dane plays soccer for his city's premier soccer team and just started his baseball season, Go Reds! Dane loves to play video games and Legos. He loves to sing and dance and one day says he is going to marry Brittney Spears.

Ian Zielinski is affectionately referred to as Mr. Fancy Pants. He loves to dress up and his favorite store is Brooks Brothers. He started "Fancy Friday" so he could wear one of his many ties (especially his bow ties) to school. He is smart and an avid reader. There isn't a word he can't figure out how to spell.  Ian loves to perform. He loves dancing and singing. While preparing his lunch for school, Ian will be heard singing the "Peanut Butter Jelly" song, even if he's not having peanut butter that day.  Ian is a white sash level one yellow martial artist and also just started his baseball season, Go Reds! 
Ian loves to have his picture taken and will always make you smile.

Mia Zielinski is the family pet. She was recused from the Michigan Humane Society and will be two this June. She is a long haired daushound mix and is just adorable! The Zielinski's agree that Mia is the best dog in the whole world. She loves having her belly rubbed and chasing the boys in the yard. Just watch out if you are kicking the soccer ball, she is the best defender you could practice against! Stephanie has to be extra carefull not to drop any chocolate chips while baking since dogs can't eat chocolate! Stephanie's lone female ally enjoys going on runs with her and Adam and playing with the boys.

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