Thursday, February 16, 2012

We are going to Disney World!

Making cookies has become a part of our daily routine. On Sunday we create our cookie menu and shop for all the necessary ingredients. Each morning I take out a stick of butter (since almost every cookie recipe calls for the butter to be softened). And the first question the boys ask me when I pick them up from school is "What is the cookie of the day?"

We are currently having a blast (let's see what I'm saying on day 200)!
There are few things at this point that could prevent me from making the COD. This reason may be the best of all...we are going to DISNEY WORLD!!!

Back in December a good friend mentioned that his parent's time share in Orladno was available through the end of February. Adam and I have been talking about taking the kids to Disney for the past few years. This was an oppertuinity to good to pass up.

We told the boys over Christmas break, however we didn't make it easy for them. We wrote out "We are going to Disney World" on separate pieces of paper, put the pieces in a bag, dumped them on the dining table and told them to figure out the puzzle.
What we got was a good hour of entertainment as they created different words. In a matter of minutes they put together 'we are going to' but it took a while wo get the rest.  See for yourself their reaction once the puzzle was figured out.

Since I knew we would be gone for 10 days I asked my family if they would be interested in becoming guest bloggers while we were away. Lucky for me (and you!) they were excited to 
help!! I cannot wait to share a little about these wonderful women and their delicious cookie recipes!!!


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