Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 46: Crispy Candy Nest Cookies

Now that Easter is over, here is a fun simple way to use up all the candy the Easter Bunny left.
This is a variation of the the Rice Krispie Robin's Egg Nest recipe. It is simple and the kids all loved them.
Crispy Candy Nest Cookies

6 Cups of Rice Krispies
1 bag of marshmallows
3 tbs. butter
2 tbs white chocolate chips
candy eggs

Melt butter over medium heat, add marshmallows melt over low heat. Add Rice Krispies, stir.
Place mixture into a mini muffin pan and let cool.

Melt white chocolate chips in the microwave
Make a small depression in the middle of the nest, add a dollop of the white chocolate to nest, then add candy.

Super simple!! 

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