Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Disney Wordless Wednesday

Time again to link up with Deb from Focus on The Magic of Disney! This weeks theme, the letter "B".
Come and join the fun and visit Deb's Disney Wordless Wednesday Hop! You will be glad you did!

Focused on the Magic

When thinking of the letter "B" theme, three things came to mind.


Boys will be boys! Showing off their best Kung Fu moves


This not so little guy freaked Ian out (mom too!)

3. BEST vacation ever!!!!
This was truly the BEST vacation ever!!!!


Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Disney is the Best vacation ever, isn't it?! :-)

(Oh, and last time we were there, those bats were getting ummm...frisky with one another - it was a sight to BEHOLD :-)

Lisa @ Gone With The Family said...

Great photos of your boys! You have to fill me in on where the bats are though so I can avoid them!!

DebºoºS said...

Great "B" pictures! I just love seeing your boys being "boys" at Disney.

Thanks so much for sharing and joining in on the blog hop fun!

Guru Uru said...

Awwww what a cute post :D
B photos = brilliant!

Choc Chip Uru

Lucinda said...

Those boys are adorable! And the bats are kind of cute in their own way.

Disney Day by Day said...

You got the B's covered! Thanks for sharing, awesome shot of the boys.

TheAngelForever said...

Love the fun B photos that you selected, especially the boys having fun.

Ami Brundick-Eller said...

Great "B" shots! I did bats as well for my Wednesday post...they were surprisingly majestic! Your boys look like they are having the time of their lives! Awesome!

Amy@DisneyLiving said...

I love the kung fu pic. When I go thru my Disney pics, the goofy ones are always my favorite.

Mark Fendrick said...

Yes to all three! We love having the grandsons in WDW. Bats are always fun and both of my kids are biologists by training.

And of course it is the Best vacation! :-)

Colorado Mountain Mom said...

Awwww.... I love your Disney "B"s!! It really IS the best vacation ever when you go to Disney, isn't it?

The kung-fu moves are great ;)

Steve said...

Great 'B' pictures. Even the bats. I can handle bats in pictures. That just means that I don't have to go see them in real life.

:DISTherapy said...

Yes! Boys! I see a theme here ;)

Mary @ The world Is A Book said...

Awesome "B" photos and your pictures of your boys are adorable! Disney vacations do make for the best time.

DisFanInCO said...

A perfect trio of "B" pictures! Those bats are somethin' else, aren't they? Thanks for sharing your great pics this week!