Friday, June 15, 2012

The Tale of Oatmeal Cookies and Another Lost Notebook

Oatmeal Cookie Week has just happened to also be the boys' last week of school. Which in my house means that each boy is bringing home TONS of school work.Papers, folders, notebooks, art projects and even name tags.

Somewhere in the mix of things, I lost misplaced my cookie recipe notebook. Possibly, while I was frantically trying to organize the influx of clutter it ended up mixed up with the school papers and books. Once the boys get home this afternoon. we will organize their papers and FIND MY NOTEBOOK!

Until then here is a sneak peek to what's to come:

Yummy! I know! The recipes will be worth the wait.

I also want to invite you back on Tuesday for The Cookie A Day Challenge's Blog Hop. Blogs from all over will be linking up. The only requirement to link your post is that it is about Cookies. A recipe, a story about your favorite cookie at a bakery, or even just a picture. Come and have fun and discover some new and fun blogs to follow.

Planning on linking up? Grab The Cookie A Day Challenge Button and place it on your post or site. I will be hosting the blog hop every Tuesday.

The Cookie A Day Challenge

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Insane Mamacita said...

Yum! My oldest loves oatmeal cookies.

Stephanie from The Cookie A Day Challenge said...

Your chlild would LOVE these! My boys did! Thanks For stopping by.