Friday, January 13, 2012

Why The Challenge

Back in November our family began the daunting task of a kitchen remodel. As excited as we all were about our new kitchen, living through the remodel was more challenging then we expected. It was Christmas time and we did not have one single decoration up. Our house was dusty, noisy and we constantly had contractors in and out. As Christmas grew closer my youngest son, Ian, made a revelation.

 "Mom! How are we going to make Christmas cookies for Santa this year?"

In years past, I have always enjoyed making a variety of different cookies during Christmas. I would bake for days (and enjoy every second of it)!

When I told Ian that baking cookies for Santa this year may not happen, my other two boys, Noah and Dane, both let out a collective sigh. I don't do disappointment well.

So, that is when it happened. I looked my three sons in the eyes and made them a promise. Once our kitchen is done, I will make you a new cookie everyday for a whole year!!!

Well, our kitchen is now complete and a promise is a promise. Boys get ready for some yummy treats!!

That is our old kitchen in the background

On a side note, our kitchen was functional enough to make and decorate one batch of Christmas cookies for Santa 

Dane and Ian decorating sugar cookies on Christmas Eve.

                                                        Noah and Irene joining the fun.