Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Special Valentine Project

Happy Valentine's Day!
This post is out of order, but this project is to cute not to share. When I asked Dane and Ian what they would like to give out for Valentine's Day this year I was expecting them to request SpongeBob Candy or Star Wars Cards. What they came up with was even better...Mustaches!!

They have been a fan a mustaches (who isn't!) for the past few years, and Ian has even been knows as Mustachio on occasion.

 This was Ian in Niagara Falls as Mustachio two summers ago.

Our original plan was to create a card and give each child a fake mustache. However, we came across something much better, mustache cookie cutters!!!

Dane and I got busy making the dough. I used a Martha Stewart chocolate sugar cookie recipe. We had to double the recipe, so when we turned the mixer on to cream the powered sugar and butter....oops!!! Powdered sugar everywhere!!!!

Once the cookies were made (look for the recipe after biscotti week) we attached them to a card and.....

The Mustache Cookies were a big hit!  Fun and delicious!

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