Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Pack up the mini van! We are going to Boston!

Last year, Noah was nominated to attend the JrNYLC (Jr National Young Leadership Conference) in Washington, DC. He came home from school one day so excited that he was selected to go! Adam and I knew nothing about the program, until it came. A very official letter from the Congressional Youth Leadership Council explaining in detail the wonderful opportunity Noah had been given.

As great of an opportunity as this was, we were not about to let our 11 year old travel to Washington DC solo. So we made a family trip of it.

From that trip, Noah was recognized again and was invited back to attend the JrNYLC Alumni conference. This time in Boston. He is busy seeing Plymouth Rock, The Mayflower II, Salem, and the Freedom Trail. In addition to attending leadership workshops about tolerance, team building and freedom. He is even spending the night on the USS Salem!

Since Adam had to stay back to work the first part of the week-Dane, Ian and I are making the best of being in the Boston area. We did a Fenway tour yesterday and are heading out to Wingaersheek Beach shortly. Dane is hoping to bring home a new pet, Ian is just hoping the "Cape Cod" shark is gone ;)

We took a picture on the first day of Noah's trip last year, and again this year:

JrNYLC Washington DC June 2011

Jr NYLC Alumni Boston

Look how they have grown!
Now off to the beach!

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Ellen B Cookery said...

Your boys look so sweet. They really have grown from last year's picture. Enjoy your time in Boston.