Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 50: In honor of Grandpa Caponi, Chocolate Chip Cookies

A common theme throughout this blog is family. When someone is hurt we all feel for them, when someone is sad we try to cheer them up, when someone is sick we make them soup or even cookies.

I am so lucky to have the love of a wonderfully large and crazy family. I hope my boys grow up knowing how much they are loved and actually liked. To be around family just because they are family is easy. But to actually like the people you are related to is something special.

Last evening at 8:40pm my dear Grandpa Caponi picked up his dancing shoes, took a sip of his liquid courage and finally got to dance with his beautiful bride again.

Grandpa was a World War II Vet that never thought of himself as a hero. He spent four years in the Pacific and claims that he came home "without a scratch" on him. He started talking more about his experience while in the war as he got older. The stories he would tell made us all shake our heads in disbelief. He would often say that he didn't know how he survived.

Once, he was with another soldier in a foxhole and a live grenade was tossed between them. The grenade some how got buried in the sand and miraculously didn't detonate. He Survived.

He had story after story about how he survived when others didn't.

Last May, Grandpa visited Ian's classroom to be honored on Veteran's Day.
The hugs and smiles made his day. He was glad to come and share his story and spend time with his great grandchildren.

A wonderful day and a special memory for all of us.


Grandpa was a constant entertainer. He loved to dance, sing and even play the spoons. After Grandma passed, he hung up his dancing shoes for...well, a chair. At weddings he became the centerpiece while we dance around him. He loved being the center of attention. But not as much as we loved all gathering around him

The smiles on our faces says it all.  Even in a chair, Grandpa knew how to boogie down!


Last night as I walked down the hall of the hospital and saw the CPR team at the nurses station, my heart sunk past my stomach in into my toes. I looked into the family waiting room and saw my aunt and uncle. The look on my aunt's face confirmed my fear. Grandpa was gone.

As each family member arrived, we were overcome with grief again. We cried, hugged, prayed and finally said good bye. Grandpa will be laid to rest on Monday. Until then we will share more memories, hugs, tears and find comfort in the family that Grandpa and Grandma Caponi built.

Today as a special COD project, Noah and I made my Grandma's Chocolate Chip Cookies.

I was comforted by the fact that the teachings of the most special people in our lives will always live on.

Baking cookies today deepened the meaning of this challenge for me.

A year from now I may not be baking cookies everyday. But, 40 years from now, I will be telling my grandchildren about the time grandma promised their dad and uncles that she would bake a new cookie everyday for a year, and did.

Heaven gained a new angel last night. I miss you already. Give Grandma a hug from us, I love you so much, Grandpa.

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